Date Created   Title
  09.02.2011   WebSphere 8 Contractor
  12.02.2009   jacl script to deploy ear file
  05.09.2008   Jython scripts examples for IBM WebSphere Application Server and JACL to Jython.
  05.09.2008   Automatically Deploy EAR file using JACL scripting without using WebSphere admin Console.
  05.09.2008   create_virtual_hosts.jacl - JACL Script to create Virtual Hosts in Websphere Application Server
  05.09.2008   WebSphere JDBC JACL script to configure the ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH environment variable.
  05.09.2008   Show server status for WebSphere Cluster using JACL
  05.09.2008   Start WebSphere Application using JACL
  05.09.2008   Ripple Start cluster in WebSphere using JACL
  05.09.2008   Using the $AdminControl queryNames command to see running MBean objects
  05.09.2008   Partially completed template for building a menu driven JACL script
  05.09.2008   WebSphere JACL Scripts
  05.09.2008   A JACL script to get WebSphere Java environment variables
  05.09.2008   WASX7023 Error creating SOAP"connection to host localhost exception information ConnectorNotAvailableException Failed to get a connection with IP address associated with hostname localhost
  05.09.2008   cluster_exists.jacl - JACL Script to test if a WebSphere Application Server custer exists.
  05.09.2008   WASX7017E: Exception received while running file
  05.09.2008   Get arguments from or wsadmin.bat in JACL Script
  05.09.2008   JACL List Servers
  05.09.2008   Echo date time in JACL. JACL datetime. JACL print date and time.

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In January 2013, I was awarded the prestigous 'IBM Champion' accolade.

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IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

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WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide


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