Date Created   Title
  22.10.2016   Java Consultant
  12.09.2011   Jython Trim using Java
  04.08.2011   javaxnaming ServiceUnavailableException Root exception is java rmi.ConnectException Connection refused to host localhost
  03.08.2011   Sample WebSphere 8 Application Client Connection Tester
  03.08.2011   Java Project imports cannot be resolved for WebSphere Application client or WebSphere Administration client or WebSphere JMX client
  01.08.2011   Are you looking for a Technical Architect for Mobile services
  29.06.2011   org apache axis2 transport http AxisAdminServlet class not found
  26.06.2011   BlackBerry Java Code to create a menu Item
  11.05.2011   No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document
  13.03.2011   MQJE001 Completion Code 2 Reason 2540
  09.03.2011   MQC MQOO_INQUIRE is deprecated
  09.03.2011   2059 MQRC_Q_MGR_NOT_AVAILABLE
  08.03.2011   com ibm mq MQException MQJE001 Completion Code 2 Reason 2059
  07.03.2011   AMQ8568 The native JNI library mqjbnd was not found
  06.03.2011   java lang NoClassDefFoundError javax resource ResourceException at com ibm mq MQEnvironment
  03/06/2011   class file for com ibm mq mqi JmqiObject not found
  03/06/2011   WebSphere 8
  12.02.2011   JEE WebSphere
  09.02.2011   JEE Consultant
  29.01.2011   WMQ Consultant
  21.01.2011   MQ Consultant
  21.01.2011   How to prepare and deploy a BlackBerry Java Application
  21.01.2011   How to create a simple BlackBerry application using the BlackBerry Developer Plugin for Eclipse
  21.01.2011   MySQL Java JDBC Tester
  21.01.2011   Error while loading persisted session Tomcat Eclipse
  21.01.2011   Error when loading Eclipse with Maven Plugin installed
  21.01.2011   Understanding Dynamic web module version settings in Eclipse
  21.01.2011   Download ZK Demo
  21.01.2011   Problem with Tomcat port 8009
  21.01.2011   Installing Tomcat 6 with Java 6
  21.01.2011   open EAR file in dos prompt
  21.01.2011   generate XSD from XML
  19.01.2011   WebSphere Administrator
  19.01.2011   IBM MQ Consultant
  29.12.2010   ZK HREF howto
  21.12.2010   Java compiler level does not match the version of the installed Java project face
  07.12.2010   How to create proxy classes using wsimport
  19.10.2010   Java Consultant. Java Consulting.
  08.10.2010   Sample Ant build script for Websphere WAR as built in Eclipse
  05.04.2009 incompatible with javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory
  21.02.2008   How to find number of JVM in Websphere
  05.02.2008   Java download manager
  02.02.2008   WebSphere JVM Tips
  26.01.2008   Install the Java 3D api for use with IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD)
  15.01.2008   Java utility to change password in websphere
  02.01.2008   Properties manager class to get Java properties from a Java property file.
  16.12.2007   Remote debugging for a WebSphere Web application using RAD
  02.12.2007   A suitable JVM could not be found. Please run the program again using the option -is:javahome JAVA HOME DIR
  27.11.2007   How to set file association for .jsp in Eclipse.
  27.11.2007   Sending failed; nested exception is: javax.mail.MessagingException in WebLogic
  27.11.2007   Servlet class for servlet could not be loaded because the requested class was not found in the classpath. Unsupported major.minor version 49.0

Steve Robinson - IBM Champion 2013

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Steve Robinson has been working in IT for over 20 years and has provided solutions for many leading brands around the world. Steve specialises in JEE, DevOps and Thought Leadership.

In January 2013, I was awarded the prestigous 'IBM Champion' accolade.

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IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

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WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide


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