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  11.02.2009   WebSphere Message Broker Links
  07.02.2013   Message Broker Development Course
  02.08.2011   Installing WebSphere Message Broker 7 Toolkit for Windows
  01.08.2011   Installing IBM WebSphere Message Broker 7 for Linux
  24.02.2008   Installing WebSphere Message Broker for Linux x86 V6.0 on Fedora 6
  07.03.2011   WebSphere Message Broker Consultant
  25.02.2008   Installing ODBC Drivers as part of WebSphere Message Broker for Windows configuration
  25.02.2008   Install WebSphere Message Broker on Windows
  16.02.2013   Learn Middleware in your underpants
  26.02.2008   Creating a broker domain on Windows
  01.08.2011   Installing IBM WebSphere Message Broker 7 on Windows
  22.09.2010   Installing FP for MQ and WMB
  04.02.2013   IBM WebSphere MQ Training course
  25.02.2008   Installing DB2 Universal Database on Windows
  16.02.2013   This document is for WebSphere consultants
  16.02.2013   Learn Websphere MQ in 30 days
  16.02.2013   Learn MQ in 30 days
  08.02.2013   MQ Training for beginners
  07.02.2013   WebSphere MQ Training
  07.02.2013   WMQ 7.5 Training Course
  07.02.2013   WebSphere MQ Admin Training
  07.02.2013   WebSphere MQ Administration Course
  19.11.2011   WMB Consultant
  04.02.2013   IBM Training courses for self learning
  08.06.2011   Steve Robinson
  08.06.2011   Steven Robinson
  08.06.2011   Steven Charles Robinson - Consultant
  29.01.2011   WMQ Consultant
  27.01.2009   WebSphere Consultants
  03.07.2008   Java Consultant and Java Consulting
  09.02.2011   Lotus Notes Consulting
  05.03.2011   WebSphere 8 Consulting
  27.10.2010   WebSphere Linux
  24.02.2008   Installing Websphere Message Broker Toolkit
  09.02.2011   WebSphere Consultant
  28.03.2011   Looking for WebSphere Consultant to help with Process Automation
  21.01.2011   MQ Consultant
  19.01.2011   IBM MQ Consultant
  19.01.2011   WebSphere Administrator
  14.02.2013   IBM WebSphere Specialist
  14.02.2013   IBM Consulting
  14.02.2013   IBM Consultant
  14.02.2013   WebSphere Administrator
  14.02.2013   WebSphere Guru
  20.07.2011   Middleware Consulting
  12.07.2011   WebSphere 8 Consulting Services
  28.02.2011   WebLogic Consultant
  28.02.2011   WebLogic Consulting
  28.02.2011   WebLogic Consultancy
  12.12.2010   Senior technical expert and IBM Certified
  02.12.2007   WebSphere Interview Questions
  04.02.2013   IBM WebSphere Message Broker Course
  15.12.2010   WebSphere 8 What has changed in this release
  12.02.2011   JEE WebSphere
  12.08.2008   Lotus Notes WebSphere Consultant
  16.02.2013   Become a Message Broker Developer in 30 days or less
  16.02.2013   Learn Mesage Broker in 30 days
  07.02.2013   IBM Message Broker 8 Development Training
  07.02.2013   WMB Training Course
  07.02.2013   Message Broker Course
  09.02.2011   JEE Consultant
  09.02.2011   WebSphere Freelance
  18.02.2013   Web Sphere
  18.09.2009   WebSphere Tools, FAQ and WebSphere Consulting by Steve Robinson Specialist in J2EE Application integration, J2EE Depoyment, WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ
  17.02.2013   WebSphere Expert
  19.02.2009   how to shutdown WMQ
  11.03.2011   Message flow between a service integration bus and a WebSphere MQ network
  09.02.2008   WebSphere MQ, how to talk to a remote Queue
  02.02.2008   Installing WebSphere MQ Samples
  28.01.2008   Delete WebSphere MQ Queue Manager using DLTMQM
  13.03.2011   Disabling MQ in WebSphere 8
  28.01.2008   AMQ7000-AMQ7999 WebSphere MQ product messages and Error codes
  28.01.2008   AMQ8000-AMQ8999 WebSphere MQ administration messages and error codes.
  23.02.2008   Hub and spoke MQ Tutorial.
  27.01.2008   Install WebSphere MQ on Linux. Fedora 6 Example.
  28.01.2008   Create a WebSphere MQ Queue Manager using CRTMQM
  26.08.2011   Creating an IBM WebSphere Application Server profile using ANT and manageProfiles command
  28.05.2011   A few WebSphere Error Messages and Redial Actions
  20.12.2010   Running wsadmin from Eclipse
  02.12.2007   Basic Jython script to install an ear file
  03.02.2009   How to deploy mqseries on linux
  14.02.2008   MQ tutorial. MQ Intercommunication. Queue Local and Queue Remote example
  28.01.2008   Uninstall and remove your WebSphere MQ on Linux
  08.07.2011   Jython error in generatePluginConfig
  08.09.2009   Web Application times out, and logs show JMS error Reason 2195
  08.03.2009   Uninstalling WebSphere 7 Trial
  20.02.2008   WebSphere MQ V6 Fundamentals - Transcript from sg247128 - IBM RedBook.
  11.02.2013   Install WMQ 7.1
  10.02.2008   Create Listener WebSphere MQ
  10.06.2011   C Sharp WebSphere MQ client example
  14.03.2011   WebSphere classes and remote training
  13.03.2011   WebSphere 8 list JMS Providers using Jython
  15.12.2010   WebSphere 8 Overview and new features for troubleshooting
  08.10.2010   Sample Ant build script for Websphere WAR as built in Eclipse
  17.05.2009   Application Server toolkit
  30.01.2008   Profile Creation Tool. Cannot create profile: The profile does not exist. ConfigManager action execution failed on a fatal action
  09.06.2011   AMQ4871 error when using MQ Explorer
  10.02.2009   Creating a new profile for use with Application Server toolkit
  02.03.2009   The Network Adapter could not establish the connectionDSRA0010E
  11.02.2013   WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools Eclipse Plugin
  03.12.2011   WAS 7 Training
  03.12.2011   WAS 8 Instructor Lead Training
  07.12.2011   Affordable Instructior Lead WebSphere Training
  18.03.2012   WAS 7 Training
  05.12.2010   WebSphere Training
  02.02.2011   Creating a remote Queue on a remote queue manage on Linux and connecting using an MQ client written in Java
  21.12.2010   How to find help for Jython in wsadmin
  08.03.2009   ws_ant script to install an application into WebSphere.
  21.08.2009   WebSphere 7
  01.02.2009   Installing WebSphere on Redhat Linux
  30.11.2007   Installing WebSphere Application Server ND on Linux Redhat Linux (RHEL)
  27.11.2007   Sending failed; nested exception is: javax.mail.MessagingException in WebLogic
  30.01.2008   WebSphere MQ: endmqm (end queue manager)
  11.02.2013   Installing WebSphere Process Server 7
  01.08.2011   Tuning a WebSphere Application Server using pre-defined tuning templates
  22.09.2010   Installing WebSphere Process Server on Linux using augmentation to an existing installation of WebSphere ND
  12.07.2011   Configuring ApacheDS for WebSphere Application Server 8
  12.07.2011   Installing the WebSphere Plugin with Apache
  18.01.2008   Basic SSL terminalogy and Tips for WebSphere Application Server.Default passwords for SSL keyfile and Truststore.
  19.12.2010   Websphere 8 Create a Profile in Windows
  24.09.2010   Creating a WebService using Eclipse - Part 1
  27.04.2009   Install WebSphere Community Edition
  29.03.2009   Installing WebSphere Community Edition
  01.02.2008   Automate creation of a WebSphere MQ queue manager if it does not already exist using a shell script.
  09.11.2008   Jython script to list all AdminTask commands
  08.02.2013   MQ Explorer Secrets
  13.03.2011   AdminTask commands for Websphere 8
  12.05.2011   Printing a summary of the runtime state of all messaging engines running in a WebSphere cell
  08.11.2010   WebSphere Jython JMS Scripts
  11.03.2011   Creating a Queue Connection Factory and Queue for connectivity to MQ
  22.09.2010   It is recommended that you create Active Directory groups before you install ClearCase
  10.02.2008   The queue manager cannot be restarted or deleted because processes that were previously connected, are still running.
  03.03.2009   DBVisualizer com.mysql.jdbc.CommunicationsException Error Code: 0 SQL State: 08S01
  11.03.2011   AMQ4036
  09.06.2011   AMQ4036 Error
  13.11.2010   Could not establish a connection to the queue manager AMQ4059
  14.10.2010   WASX7246E
  02.02.2008   WebSphere MQ Scripts
  22.08.2012   Learners International
  19.08.2012   WebSphere Classes
  08.03.2011   WebSphere Administrator Classes
  22.07.2012   Links
  03.08.2011   Java Project imports cannot be resolved for WebSphere Application client or WebSphere Administration client or WebSphere JMX client
  09.07.2011   How to add shared libraries to Eclipse for Tomcat
  05.07.2011   Locating what WebSphere Application Server 8 files has been installed by IBM Installation Manager
  19.03.2011   WebSphere 8 Ant Tasks
  13.03.2011   manageWMQ sample jython script
  04.03.2011   Installing WebSphere 8 on Linux - Locating the downloads
  13.02.2011   Websphere 8 Documentation
  17.05.2009   WebSphere Application Server 7 Concepts Planning and Design
  13.12.2010   Rational Application Developer and WebSphere Application Server compatibility
  18.10.2010   Websphere Help
  18.10.2010   Websphere Application Server 7
  05.12.2010   ibm websphere support
  02.02.2008   WebSphere JACL Scripts
  25.09.2010   Running the HSQL interactive command line tool
  22.09.2010   Applying IBM Rational ClearCase Fixpack 7011 for version 7010
  10.02.2009   ws_ant commands for WebSphere ant
  19.09.2009   Virtual Box Keyboard shortcuts and commands
  06.02.2008   WebSphere Startup Scripts. Basic Unix startup scripts to start WebSphere Deployment Manager & Nodes.
  06.04.2009   JMSCMQ0001 WebSphere MQ call failed with compcode 2
  23.03.2009   My favourite WebSphere IBM Redbooks
  12.02.2009   WebSphere LDAP
  09.02.2008   WebSphere LDAP. How to configure OpenLDAP 2 to be used with WebSphere.
  03.02.2008   Cluster MBean
  02.02.2008   WebSphere Shell Scripts
  16.02.2013   websphere clustering easy tutorial
  16.02.2013   Installing WebSphere Integrated Developer
  11.02.2013   Steve Robinson awarded IBM Champion 2013 accolade
  11.11.2010   Installing MQ 6 Fixpack
  11.11.2010   MQ Linux Install
  20.08.2011   Stateful Session Bean Example using Eclipse
  28.01.2008   AMQ8101: WebSphere MQ error (893) has occurred. Fedora 6 solution transcript
  17.04.2012   WebSphere Essentials Course
  12.05.2012   WebSphere Courses
  12.05.2012   WebSphere 8 Courses
  12.05.2012   WebSphere 8 Training
  26.02.2011   Install WebSphere 8
  28.08.2011   Jython File Handler Class
  10.01.2008   Jython script to determine WebSphere Application Server cluster up status.
  09.11.2008   Jython script to list all AdminApp commands
  09.11.2008   Jython script to list all AdminControl commands
  12.01.2009   Jython script to list ports on a WebSphere Node.
  08.03.2009   Jython Uninstall Application
  12.09.2011   Jython Trim using Java
  12.05.2012   Jython Error codes for Websphere and solutions
  06.03.2011   WebSphere 8
  21.02.2008   How to find number of JVM in Websphere
  14.03.2011   WebSphere SSL
  12.10.2010   WebSphere SSL Secrets
  05.12.2011   Java Consultant
  20.11.2011   Using WASService.exe to help with configuring windows services for IBM WebSphere Application Server.
  18.01.2008   Using WASService to help with configuring windows services for IBM WebSphere Application Server
  04.08.2011   Connecting JConsole to Websphere 8 to view JMX MBeans
  04.08.2011   Getting WebSphere Application Server Runtime Status and State using JMX
  15.03.2011   Generating a WebSphere start server script
  03.08.2011   Sample WebSphere 8 Application Client Connection Tester
  01.08.2011   Using the WebSphere Application Server dynamic cache service to improve performance
  13.07.2011   Installing IBM Tivoli Directory Server for WebSphere version 8
  08.07.2011   PluginConfigException PLGC0015E
  06.07.2011   Uninstalling the WebSphere Application Server 8 Trial
  19.05.2011   Locating WebSphere Symptom Databases
  15.03.2011   SECJ7334E Exception raised while applying wizard security settings
  15.03.2011   Changing IBM Installation Manger Repo location
  08.03.2011   com ibm mq MQException MQJE001 Completion Code 2 Reason 2059
  19.10.2010   Java Consultant. Java Consulting.
  06.03.2011   Uninstalling WebSphere 8 via the command line
  05.03.2011   What is Websphere 8
  04.03.2011   WebSphere 8 IIM install for Linux
  15.12.2010   WebSphere 8 Overview and new features for securing applications and their environment
  15.12.2010   WebSphere 8 Overview and new features for monitoring
  15.12.2010   WebSphere 8 Overview and new features for developing and deploying applications
  04.02.2011   2540 MQRC_UNKNOWN_CHANNEL_NAME
  21.01.2011   uninstalling WebSphere 8 on Windows
  15.01.2011   Dump threads using JACL
  28.12.2010   WebSphere 8 Demo
  21.12.2010   WASX7209I
  07.12.2010   How to create proxy classes using wsimport
  04.12.2010   What is a WebSphere Profile
  20.11.2010   Find websphere ports and user using script
  10.11.2010   Upgrading a WebSphere Node
  04.11.2010   Preparing to install WebSphere 7
  04.11.2010   Best way to log a WebSphere silent install
  01.07.2009   ldap_sasl_bind SIMPLE Cannot contact LDAP server -1
  20.07.2009   What is the WID
  19.10.2010   Applying a WebSphere 7 Fixpack
  03.03.2009   WASX7023E: Error creating "SOAP" connection to host "localhost"; exception information
  28.01.2009   Websphere 6.1 removing a profile
  27.11.2007   Delete profile from a WebSphere 6.1 application server.
  22.09.2010   Did not find JAVA_HOME under the WebSphere installer directory
  22.09.2009   Stop script multiple cell instances WebSphere
  06.02.2008   WebSphere Debugger Debugging WebSphere Application Server
  15.05.2009   Install WebSphere
  22.01.2008   Ant build file to show IBM WebSphere Application server status
  13.05.2009   How to apply WebSphere plugin fixpack for on Windows
  02.03.2008   WebSphere 5.1 Deployment Manager Linux - CentOS 5
  13.04.2009   Stop WebSphere from auto starting in Linux Centos5
  27.03.2009   Where is the WebSphere registry files?
  23.03.2009   WebSphere Cluster versus Load Balance
  15.02.2009   Setting session timeout in WebSphere
  10.02.2009   Error when trying to stop WebSphere server.
  04.02.2009   WebSphere Business-Level Applications
  10.02.2009   How to stop a node agent in WebSphere
  23.01.2008   Using the $AdminControl queryNames command to see running MBean objects
  22.01.2008   Ant script to validate an ear file after depoyment on WebSphere Application Server
  23.02.2008   MQ Listeners
  04.02.2008   Run WebSphere as non root
  02.02.2008   WebSphere JVM Tips
  06.02.2008   IBM Web Server Plug-in Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server. How to install.
  07.02.2008   umask WebSphere. Discussion on umask options for Websphere installation.

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In January 2013, I was awarded the prestigous 'IBM Champion' accolade.

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WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide

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