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I have installed MQ Explorer, locally on my XP machine and I am trying to connect to the remote Queue Manager on the linux vm. I have created the SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN
on the remote Queue Manager but now when I try and connect I get:

Access not permitted. You are not authorized to perform this operation.

I have tried playing about with Groups and Users but to no effect !

I believe this may also be the problem we are seeing with the App Server trying to register queues with the Queue Manager.


The Active Directory Domain you belong to means that you are part of a group that needs to be given rights so that you can use MQ Explorer. Check the MQM group are you in it locally and does the group exist in Linux as well? I can't remember of the top of my head, but I have a feeling you may need to set mqauth settings i.e. look into setmqaut MQ command.

FYI: I know you can secure MQ Explorer to stop MQ being accessed by removing the system defined sever conn channels and allocating people to the appl. specific server conn channel and with security exit set, so I suspect checking / changing these options could allow you access?

I also recall something about the rights that MQ is running as a service, but I cannot remember. Workgroup's tend not to have this issue.

Also are there any errors in the eclipse log ? (Will be in a file called %APPDATA%\IBM\MQ Explorer\.metadata\.log).

Also MQ security is all about users and groups. If the user in the windows box is not in the MQ server's groups ie linux user/greoup then there will be connection issues.

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