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Downloading the latest IBM Installation Manager separately for WAS 8 trial installs

Use this method to install trials for WAS 8 using a similar process to the official product installation process.

Get download from :


Note: these images show version 1.4.4 (at least 1.4.3 is required by WAS 8 trials) is what I am using for this document.

once on server, decompress


Accept License and click Next

Review path and clink Next

Click Install

Click Restart Installation Manager

Once workbench has loaded, we need to set the repository location for WAS 8 trial or WAS 8 Developer trial

Click Add Repository

You can choose two trials:


I have chosen the V8WASBASETrial

Click OK

You will be prompted to an IBM user ID, you may need to register if you do not have one already.

Click OK and once the repository has been set, click OK again to close the preferences screen.

Once you have returned to eh main workbench , click Update to upgrade

The IBM Installation Manager will then verify the repository

Click the Check for Other versions, Fixes and Extensions button, and IBM Installation Manager will once again verify the online repository.

Click Next to install, the IBM Installation Manager will then retrieve preparatory files from the online repository.

You will then be presented with a list of fixes, click Next

IIM will then being another preparatory process, and the present the license agreement, Read, Agree etc and Click Next.

A questionnaire will be presented and you will need to fill out your reason for the trial. complete as required and click Next.

Either accept the default location for the shared resources folder or set you own location, then click Next

Decide on the location for where you want WebSphere Application Server installed, or accept the default IBM suggested path.

Click Next, choose you preferred language and click Next

Verify the features you want and click Next

Click Install to start the installation, a download of about 958MB will be performed as part of the installation.

Once completed you can Launch the Profile Management Tool (PMT to create profiles)

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