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How to install ClearCase on Linux

Lets say you have the install binaries located:



1. Local Install: Install occurs on the local host.
2. Remote Install: Install occurs on a single remote host.
3. Multiple Remote Installs: Install occurs on a set of remote hosts.
4. Local Deinstall: Deinstall occurs on the local host.

Type "Help" or "h" for expanded descriptions

Type "Quit" or "q" to exit the installation

Please select the installation method by number.

Method of installation>> 1

The following installation operations or models are available:

1. Standard: Regular installation, allowing links to this release area.
2. Full-copy: Regular installation, with no links to this release area.
3. Mounted: Host install via mounted or pre-populated /opt/rational.
4. Link-only: Host install via a symbolic link to this release-area.

Type "Help" or "h" for expanded descriptions

Type "Quit" or "q" to exit

Please select the installation type by number.

Model of installation>> 2

Specify directory in which IBM Rational Software products are to be installed
(ClearCase and ClearQuest|ClearQuest Web will be
installed in the subdirectories of the specified directory.
The subdirectories are named 'clearcase' and 'clearquest',

Pathname to the network-wide release directory
(used as target of symbolic links)

Next selection, '*' denotes a selected component

1 : ClearCase Web Interface Server
2 : ClearCase Server-only Installation
* 3 : ClearCase Full Function Installation
4 : ClearCase MultiSite Admin Web
* 5 : ClearQuest Integration with ClearCase
6 : ClearCase z/OS Extensions
7 : ClearCase MultiSite Shipping Server-only Installation
8 : ClearDDTS Integration with ClearCase
9 : ClearCase MultiSite Full Function Installation
10 : ClearCase Minimal Developer Installation
a : Select all
f : Finish selection
x : Toggle expanded descriptions
r : Reset selections
q : Quit

Selection number(s)>> f


If a site file exits from a previous installtion then defaults will be loaded:

ClearCase (Atria) Licensing License Server Host[]:

Please specify a ClearCase Registry Server Host.
NOTE: The name of the Registry Server Host you specify must match the host name that is returned by
running the 'uname -n' command on that Registry Server Host.

ClearCase Registry Server Host[]:

Please specify ClearCase Registry Backup Host(s).
NOTE: The name(s) of the Registry Backup Host(s) you specify must match the host name that is returned by
running the 'uname -n' command on each of the Registry Backup Host(s).

ClearCase Registry Backup Host(s)[]:

ClearCase Registry Region[CC_REG_UNIX]:


Before proceeding with this installation, be aware that Rational
ClearCase version 7.0 servers no longer support VOB schema version 53.
VOBs that have not been upgraded to use schema version 54 will be
inaccessible until they are reformatted using the Rational ClearCase
reformatvob command, which is a potentially time and system intensive

If this computer is not acting as a VOB server or if you are
installing Rational ClearCase for the first time, disregard this
warning. See the installation documentation of the product you are
upgrading for more information, in addition to Technote #1200047

Do you wish to exit the install to allow you to plan a VOB migration (yes, no, quit)[yes]?no

Do you want to rebuild the mvfs module when install is
complete (yes, no, quit, help)[no]:yes

Enter path to your toplevel kernel source directory.
Default is [/lib/modules/2.6.9-42.0.3.EL/build]:

>> Summary of installation selections
ClearCase (Atria) Licensing License server host is
Install into: /opt/rational
Install method:local
Install model:full
Linux source directory: /lib/modules/2.6.9-42.0.3.EL/build
Rebuild mvfs module: yes
Registry backup host(s):
Registry host is
Registry region: CC_REG_UNIX
Release area pathname:/apps/cc7.0.1/7.0.1/linux_x86

Depending on the type of installation and components selected,
the disk space required could be as much as 325 Megabytes.
Please consult the Installation Guide for disk space
requirements for each kind of installation.

The interactive portion of the installation is complete.
If you choose to continue, the previously listed components
will be installed/updated.

Upon completion, the installation status will indicate whether
there were problems, and provide reminders of post-installation

This WILL include stopping all currently running ClearCase Product Family
This WILL NOT require a reboot of the system.

**** Enter 'quit' or 'no' to abort the installation ****
**** Enter 'yes' or press <RETURN> to continue ****

Continue installation?(yes, no, quit)[yes]:yes

FINAL: localhost.localdomain Errors:0 Warnings:0

Log file for this session: /var/adm/rational/clearcase/log/Rational_install.090623.23:00

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