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How to prepare and deploy a BlackBerry Java Application

Lets say you have written your Java application using the BlackBerry Eclipse Plugin and you now want to deploy. The following article shows how I did it.

Click here Database 'SCRev FAQ', View 'maintenance\flat by date', Document 'How to create a simple BlackBerry application using the BlackBerry Developer Plugin for Eclipse' for my sample application or download this Eclipse3.5 Galileo project which was developed using the BlackBerry Developer Plugin for Eclipse

Once you have a successfully running and tested in the simulator you can follow these instructions to deploy the application via a web server.

If you have keys from BlackBerry you can sign the application or skip the next few steps.

I had to get some keys

Without singing keys..

Right-mouse click on Eclipse project, select Package Projects from the BlackBerry menu

Eclipse Output:
Packaging project SampleApp succeeded (took 7.801 seconds)

Packaging project SampleApp
C:\eclipse3.5\plugins\net.rim.ejde.componentpack5.0.0_5.0.0.25\components\bin\rapc.exe -quiet codename=deliverables\Standard\5.0.0\SampleApp deliverables\Standard\5.0.0\SampleApp.rapc -sourceroot=C:\eclipse_3_5_workspaces\blackberry\SampleApp\src;C:\eclipse_3_5_workspaces\blackberry\SampleApp\res -import=C:\eclipse3.5\plugins\net.rim.ejde.componentpack5.0.0_5.0.0.25\components\lib\net_rim_api.jar C:\eclipse_3_5_workspaces\blackberry\SampleApp\bin
Packaging project SampleApp succeeded (took 2.746 seconds)

Navigate to the Deliverable folder for example:


I can either use BlackBerry Enterprise server, BlackBerry Desktop Manager or A web Server to deploy my application

I decided for the simple approach of just allowing the download of the JAD file.

I then created am Eclipse Dynamic Web Application to install on my public facing Tomcat server to allow myself the ability to download my app

My web page contained this source ...

<head><title>Application Download</title></head>
<a href=apps/SampleApp.jad>Download Sample Application</a><br>

To download and use the application all you have to do is point your BlackBerry device's web browser at the appropriate URL to get to your web-page.

You can now test the application.

Using the BlackBerry Web App Loader

Using the BlackBerry Web App Loader requires an Microsoft Windows IIS server I think,here are some pointer for this who wish to try. It works locally on a Windows Desktop if you have a USB cable attached to the phone.

What I am now going to do is upload this to a web server for deployment. Looking around the net I found this PDF from BlackBerry.

Here is a snippet of the instructions I found.

Application deployment using the BlackBerry Application Web Loader
In both the BlackBerry Internet Solution environment and the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution environment,
perform the following actions to deploy a Java application using the BlackBerry Application Web Loader.

Action Procedure
Enable the BlackBerry Application WebLoader on a webserver.

The administrator or application developer completes this action.
1. Create a web page for application distribution.
2. Create or obtain the .jad and .cod files for the application.
3. Place the file in the same folder as the web page’s .html files.
4. Place the application .jad and .cod files on the web server that hosts the web page.
5. Reference a specific version of the BlackBerry Application Web Loader.
6. Associate the BlackBerry Application Web Loader with the application .jad file.
7. To load the .jad file, invoke the application web loader loadJad() method.
Use a string parameter that represents one of the following:
• .jad file is in the same location as the file: Use the .jad filename.
• .jad file is in a different location from the file: Use the relative location address of the .jad file.

8. Distribute the web page link to users.

Note: The BlackBerry Application Web Loader requires the user password on the
BlackBerry device before installing an application. If a password is set, the
AxLoaderPassword control is used to obtain the device password. This control is
included in the file. See the BlackBerry Application Web Loader
Developer Guide for more information about how to obtain a device password.

I used this guide for an idea of what todo

This is the link I used to get the WebLoaderTools

BlackBerry_WebLoader_1.1.0.exe was downloaded and run

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Application Web Loader 1.1.0\

There is an example that can be used

Open a local IE browser while you BlackBerry is attached via USB and you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You can get the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from


In my opinion using my simple web server download is a great simple way to make an application available on any web-server OS even Linux,though it presumes you have a web-server to do so.

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