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Install ClearCase 7.0.1 for Windows

Download ClearCase from your IBM account (PassportAdvantage)



Run the installer:

Deployment method

The IBM Setup wizard provides two deployment methods.

Enterprise deployment. Select this option to create and customize a network release area. You can customize the release area by using the Configure tool. A customized release area enables users to install pre-set configurations of IBM products from the release area.

Desktop Installation From CD Image. Select this option to install the product directly from the IBM installation CD onto your desktop. This is not recommended for setting up a Rational ClearCase production installation.

Select Desktop Installation From CD Imageto get the following screens and choose the following options:

There are some product-specific warnings for this installation:

STOP! Before proceeding with this install, please close all applications and disable anti-virus software. Check for information on how to prevent potential system corruption.

I used password as the password

Select Yes

I used CC_REG_WIN for my windows registry name

I used CC_REG_UNIX as created in my Linux Redhat RHEL4 Cleacase install

Remote administration

Specify whether Rational ClearCase can be administered remotely.

Select one of the following check boxes:

  • Yes, allow access. This enables remote administration capabilities for the Rational ClearCase installation on your computer.
  • No, do not allow access. This disables remote administration capabilities for this installation of Rational ClearCase. Rational ClearCase administration tasks must be performed locally, that is, by a user logged on to this computer.

Enabling Rational ClearCase Remote Administration allows you to change Rational ClearCase properties on your computer from another computer by using Rational ClearCase administration tools such as the Rational ClearCase Administration Console. You must be a member of the Rational ClearCase administrators group, typically called clearcase.

The following properties can be changed:

  • Registry regions
  • License server
  • Registry and backup registry servers
  • MVFS cache sizes
Disabling this option allows these configuration settings to be changed only from your computer.

For more information about remote administration and the Rational ClearCase administrators group, see the IBM Rational ClearCase Administrator's Guide.

i am going to save the license registration until after the installation, so I will add the ipaddress of the intended Linux license server. In fact in my step up this will be the same server as the CC server.

Click Done to move on to the installation action screen and click Install.

Restart Windows

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