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Installing FP for MQ and WMB

This document covers the install of WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker fix packs on a Windows desktop machine.

The important action is to ensure that you check what version you have at the beginning and then re-check at the end to ensure the product has been upgraded.

The only real way to 100% verify the applications still work post upgrade is in their use, and I am not covering that in the document.

Installing WebSphere MQ 6.0.2 FP1 i.e.

Install Time = 45 minutes

Stop MQ Service as required

Run MQ command

Start MQ service

Check Event Log

Installing WMB FP
Install Time = 15 minutes

Stop Message Broker – Default config manager and Default broker as required.

Check version

Get FP from file share as required.

Run FP Installer

The command console will be launched and this will allow the mqsiprofile command to be run to show proof that the upgrade was successful

Another test to verify upgrade

Launch MQ Explorer and create a QM called test and also try to start the default Broker QM. If they both start then we have a successful upgrade.

Upgrading WebSphere 6.0 which has been installed as a runtime as a result of installing RAD or RSA in the c:\apps folder.

Install an update installer suitable for installing FP as FP as the update installer is no longer shipped with the runtimes.

This must be due to another installer used to FIX 6.1 Runtime?

Open Profile in RSA

Change to SOAP

Start server

It will now start

If you add security you will need to modify soap.client.props

Installing WebSphere 6.1.0 FP 13 i.e. WAS

Follow steps for WAS 6.0 FP install
Check that the installer has worked.

Run update installer as above and install FP

Get my WebSphere MQ course here >>

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