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How to install the WAS 8 trial on Linux (The standard default way)

Download WAS 8 Trial for Linux from

You will need to register for an IBM username and password.

Note: before you do this ensure you have an internet connection and if you cancel and try again then there may be several issues you may face. The process work 100% nicely if you just download and install in one go the first time, however if you have issues and start again some of the issues you see below may appear.

I also got this to work on CentOS 5.6 which is not supported by IBM, but ie RedHat like. RHEL is supported.

Note from IBM:

* WebSphere Application Server is installed using IBM Installation Manager.When you click the Download button, you will be prompted to download and install IBM Installation Manager. The installation sets a preference to connect to an IBM-hosted remote repository that contains the product code. After you have Installation Manager running, use your IBM ID and password to authenticate with the IBM repository and you will then be able to install the trial product and selected fixes.

Please note: If you are installing IBM Installation Manager at the same time that you are installing the trial product and fixes, you might see an exception while installing the fixes. If this occurs, use one of the following work-arounds:

De-select the fixes and install Installation Manager and the trial product. Then install the fixes.
Install IBM Installation Manager by itself, without the trial product and fixes. Then click the Download button to install the trial product and fixes.

decompress into a suitable folder and run the installer in a X11 session


Note: the default repository location will be
Repository: /var/apps/was8_install if this is where IIM installer was unpacked

Click check for Other versions, Fixes, and Extensions

IIM will search the online WAS repositories

Click OK to confirm fixes, and then Next

IBM Installation Manager IIM will then prompt another dialog informing the user that it is preparing IBM WebSphere Application Server Trial

IIM will report it is now using


Click Next and IIM wil start to prepare and download files.

If you get the the error "Exception caught while evaluating expression in bundle "" then exit IIM and restart the installation and follow the next steps.... or read down and complete the steps after the problem resolution.

Note: I think this problem is because the IIM may find a WebSphere folder and think WAS is already running installed? Not sure takes too long to keep retrying from clean Linux builds as the download process each from scratch is about 950mb. I am looking into how to download IIM separately and then point to an IBM repository, mush like an official product installl, where you can download the repository binaries separately.

Resolution Steps BEGIN

The next time you run IIM you will need to install IIM first. As it become corrupted? It is possible to edit certain IIM installation files and re-set IIM, but then the IIM becomes not what the trial intended. It then will behave like the official IIM installer that is used for installing the official version of WAS 8.

Anyway carry on

Accept the license on the license screen

On the Install Packages - select a location for Installation Manager screen, eithe ruse default IBM location for IIM or enter you own location.

Click Next to continue

Restart the IM once prompted to do so. Once it has restarted....You will lbe required to re-login to IBM wiht your IBM username and password.

Click the for Other versions, Fixes, and Extensions again as before

Resolution Steps END

Click the for Other versions, Fixes, and Extensions again as before, then click Next will allowed.

Click Next to begin the install

Accept the license for WAS, then click Next

Fill out the survey

Click Next and either ruse the default location for the repository files for IIM or enter you own location

Click Next and use the default IBM location for WAS for type your own location.

Click Next, choose you language and click Next again.

review the summary (You can choose to install the samples if you wish and change the platform for example 32/64 bit) and then click Next

review the final summary and then Click install to start the installation. This will take some time as the IIM has to download the repository files which are about between 900 and 1000 MB.

One the installer has completed IIM will ask if you wish to run the Profile Management Tool to create a WAS profile.

You can search this site for how to use PMT.


If you cancel the installation, you can choose to keep the files already downloaded

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