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Get my WebSphere Application Server course here >> PLGC0015E: No server definitions are found for the cell.

WASX7017E: Exception received while running file "/root/scripts/wasscripts/"; exception information: Applicaton centric generation did not complete successfully: PLGC0028E: An exception occurred while reading the deployed applications for the specified server. cell01.null.null.


The Jython used to generate the plugin has an error ie nodeName or cellName is blank or the profile_paths is set wrong.

Solution Code, that could help you.

def generatePluginConfig ( wasRoot, profilePath, cellName, nodeName, nodeSync ):
#We need to sync nodes once the plugin-cfg.xml is created to allow
#the plugin to be available on every physical node in the cell.
#This menas that each node's IHS or Pache config in http.conf can reference the local nodes plugin-cfg.xml file.
#The Deployment Manager is where the plugin-cfg.xml is updated, and it sync's with all the nodes.

#If nodeName is blank = all nodes

#When the synchronization is complete, the files that are created in the config directory for the deployment manager now exist on the mynode node in the following directory:

#$AdminControl invoke $pluginGen generate "c:/WebSphere/DeploymentManager c:/WebSphere/DeploymentManager/config mycell null null plugin-cfg.xml"

print "Generating WebServer plugin-cfg.xml to location: " + wasRoot+profilePath+" "+wasRoot+profilePath + "/config "+cellName+" null null plugin-cfg.xml"
pluginGen = AdminControl.completeObjectName("type=PluginCfgGenerator,*" )

AdminControl.invoke(pluginGen, "generate", wasRoot+profilePath+" "+wasRoot+profilePath + "/config "+cellName+" null null plugin-cfg.xml" )
nodeSync = AdminControl.completeObjectName("type=NodeSync,node="+nodeName+",*" )
if (len(nodeSync) == 0):
print "---> NodeSync MBean not found for name "+nodeName+" - no synchronisation possible."
print "---> NOTE : If this is a Network Deployment installation of WebSphere, some nodes may be out of sync."
enabled = AdminControl.getAttribute(nodeSync, "serverStartupSyncEnabled" )
if (cmp(enabled, "false") == 0):
print "Invoking post plugin generation synchronization for node "+nodeName+"
AdminControl.invoke(nodeSync, "sync" )

Get my WebSphere Application Server course here >>

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