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Service Glossary, Terms, Definitions and Acronyms
This document is to define all the terms, definitions and acronyms often used in Live Service based situations governed by ITIL.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library) ITIL

A set of Best Practice guidance for IT Service Management. ITIL is owned by the OGC and is developed in conjunction with the itSMF. ITIL consists of a series of publications giving guidance on the provision of Quality IT Services, and on the Processes and facilities needed to support them. See for more information.

IT Service Management Forum (itSMF)

The IT Service Management Forum is an independent Organisation dedicated to promoting a professional approach to IT Service Management. The itSMF is a not-for-profit membership Organisation with representation in many countries around the world (itSMF Chapters). The itSMF and its membership contribute to the development of ITIL and associated IT Service Management Standards. See for more information

Service Catalog

A document that details the characteristics of all the detailed services and products

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A written statement or “contract” between an IT Services Provider (Transputec) and it’s customer (NOMS Live Services).

Service Level Management (SLM)

The process of managing the quality of the delivered IT Service provision according to a written agreement or “contract” agreed between the customer (NOMS Live Services) and the It Service Provider (Transputec)

The Process responsible for negotiating Service Level Agreements, and ensuring that these are met.

Underpinning Contracts (UC / UPC)

Any third party supplier and maintenance contracts which the IT operation depends on to be able to deliver the required level of service to their own customers.

Mutuality Clause

A clause in the SLA that identifies responsibilities for both sides to ensure that the service levels are achieved

Service Level Requirements (SLR)

A statement of customer needs in relation to the provision of IT services. SLRs are based on Business Objectives and are used to negotiate agreed Service Level Targets

Operational Level Agreement (OLA)

An Agreement defining responsibilities between internal service providers. Often derived from the SLA with more detail on operational commitments.

Service Improvement Plan (SIP)

A formal Plan to implement improvements to a Process or IT Service. A SIP is managed as part of a Continuous Improvement Process

Service Level Targets (SLTs)

A commitment that is documented in a Service Level Agreement. Service Level Targets are based on Service Level Requirements, and are needed to ensure that the IT Service design is Fit for Purpose. Service Level Targets should be measurable, and are usually based on KPIs.

Service Manager

A generic term that can be used to mean any manager within the IT Service Provider. Most commonly used to refer to a Business Relationship Manager, a Process Manager, an Account Manager or a senior manager with responsibility for IT Services overall.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

A Metric that is used to help manage a Process, IT Service or Activity. Many Metrics may be measured, but only the most important of these are defined as KPIs and used to actively manage and report on the Process, IT Service or Activity.

KPIs should be selected to ensure that Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Cost Effectiveness are all managed.

Critical Success Factor

Something that must happen if a Process, Project, Plan, or IT Service is to succeed. KPIs are used to measure the achievement of each CSF. For example a CSF of "protect IT Services when making Changes" could be measured by KPIs such as "percentage reduction of unsuccessful Changes", "percentage reduction in Changes causing Incidents" etc.

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