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Digital & Cloud Architecture, DevOps and Thought Leadership.

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I am a seasoned technology professional. Expert in technical problem solving within DevOps engineering and architecture, focusing on Infrastructure as Code along with Cloud-based systems. Adept in almost all forms of Internet and Mobile related technology and practices, I have time and time again proven my tenacity to improve systems around me and deliver.

Passionate about automating/improving processes along with 20+ years Industry experience from Continuous Integration and Delivery, Systems Integration, Application Development including Infrastructure (PaaS, IaaS) and Cloud (AWS, Azure), I combine systems knowledge with efficient working methods and the inter personal skills required to build effective relationship with clients and colleagues alike.

Exceeding typical expectations in any role undertaken, I am certain to become an asset within any organisation I join.

KEY Achievements & Awards
TOGAF 9.1 Certified (Sep 2014).
Microsoft Specialist: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (Feb 2017).
AWS Certified Solutions Architect (June 2017)
RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper, RYA Yacht Master Theory (Summer 2016).
IBM Champion 2013
Certified IBM Administrator - WebSphere (2009).
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer -C# .NET (2006).
Certified Lotus Notes Instructor, Certified Lotus Notes Developer, Certified Lotus Notes Developer (1995).

Architecture (Digital, Solution, Information, Technical, Application, Cloud, SaaS).
Cloud Automation (Microsoft Azure, Azure CLI, Azure RM, PowerShell, Amazon Web Services, AWS CLI, Elastic Beanstalk, Terraform, Kubernetes).
Continuous Integration/Delivery (Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, YAML, Shell, Python, Java, JIRA, Confluence, Ant, Maven).
Middleware (Messaging, JMS, JEE, MULE, WMB, WMQ, ESB, Micro Services, RESTful APIs).
Operating Systems (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux).
Web Development (ASP, PHP, C# .NET, JAVA, Python, XSLT, XML, JavaScript, JSON, RESTful, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery).
Security (Internet, Applications, Infrastructure).
Technical Writing (Training materials, Governance & Frameworks, Specifications, Articles, Books).


Every now and then I take timeout to work on my own projects direct with clients.

Oracle WebLogic 10.3.x & Red Hat JBoss 5.1.x product packaging, support and JEE debug/testing (US-Client - Appian)
IBM WebSphere 6.1-7.0 Migration Whitepaper, WebLogic/JBoss Migration Whitepaper (US Client - Oxford)
Java and WMQ Messaging development, and WMQ connectivity with Airlines (UK Client - Flight Register)
JEE application debug & tuning for Hotel Management Application (US Client - Hotel Guides)
Lotus Notes 8.5 bespoke timesheet application development (UK Client - Chubb Insurance)
JMX/MBean library development for monitoring agents (German Client - Net Age Solutions)
IBM WMQ infrastructure connectivity and training (UK Client - Sucden Finance)
Several mobile work-force automation projects (Blackberry, Android, IOS) (UK Client - Milestone Group Plc)


FEBRUARY 2015 – JUNE 2016

SME for automation architecture involving migration from Full-Fat legacy architectures to lightweight Low-Fat architectures.
Invited to work directly for the Bank due to my profile in the industry. Supporting Architects and Engineers to migrate legacy technology and design/implement automation solutions, primary focus on replacing complex systems with layered micro services using lighter architectures.


FEBRUARY 2014 – JULY 2014:

Infrastructure Architect for Digital Strategy. This role was primarily TDA for light-weight architectures and PaaS. Key achievements were Thought leadership and governance for Fast and Big Data architectures and commercial RFP’s; Ensuring an objective traceable process across stakeholders in choosing solutions for the entire web-tier.

During this role, I was part of the digital architecture team as TDA for the new compete digital stack for Fidelity. This required a complete understanding of the entire web stack layering, supported by PaaS and IaaS programmes. Included Security considerations for data in flight and at rest i.e. PCI-DSS, Virtual Scaling, Session Affinity and Session Persistence and High Availability across data centres. Technical leadership of the RFP for In-Memory-Data-Grids/Object Stores/Fast data. Technology/Tool evaluations for the build, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines.

MARCH 2013 – FEBRUARY 2014:

Global project governance and Integration architecture
My role at SITA was initially to introduce Service-based architectures using SOA and hybrid API’s to renew legacy integration approaches for airport operations management. Later, this lead to completely re-vamping the build pipeline and processes.



Lead engineer for infrastructure design and implementation of the core system supporting a new Mobile Payments programme.


Chief Architect and Product Owner for the core Ve data acquisition engine (VeCapture) and surrounding systems design required to introduce the Ve SaaS to the global market place.

As Chief Product Architect, I designed and managed the build and implementation of the core data engine and data hub and SaaS infrastructure required to bring the core concept to the market. This involved very early cloud and Big-Data management concepts. Introduced Agile processes and systems for the build and deployment of .NET and Java coupled with open-source solutions for high availability of data gathering of global web-sessions and real-time web-form data. The original dev team has expanded to 200+ developers and the product suite now captures billions of data points per day.

APRIL 2008 – AUGUST 2009

Senior Build & CI/CD Administrator & Tech Lead for what is now considered DevOps

JUNE 2007 – SEPTEMBER 2010

Lead specialist for High Availability server build for a green field BSKYB project for a new product offering.

“Life can be frustrating! Don’t let your DevOps practices be the cause of that frustration.”

–Steve Robinson 2017

“Fix or define the process, enable and encourage the people and the technology will look after itself.”

– Steve Robinson 2014

Steve Robinson (Awarded: IBM Champion 2013)

Books written by Steven Robinson ...

IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide
WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide

Feeback ...

Feedback from IBM Feb 2008: "Steven Robinson is a strong communicator, with a real drive to learn and understand, he has excellent problem solving skills, based on high quality WAS and Java on WAS ability. He's also exemplary at documenting as he goes and leaving useful scripting and assets for other people to reuse."

Feedback from Chubb Feb 2007: "Steve is a dedicated individual who takes pride in what he does, he always conducts himself in a professional manner. He is an excellent communicator, conducts professional intelligent meetings and deals well with suppliers and partners."

Get my WebSphere Application Server course here >>

Steve Robinson - IBM Champion 2013

About Me

Steve Robinson has been working in IT for over 20 years and has provided solutions for many leading brands around the world. Steve specialises in JEE, DevOps and Thought Leadership.

In January 2013, I was awarded the prestigous 'IBM Champion' accolade.

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IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.0 Administration Guide

WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide

WebSphere Application Server 7.0 Administration Guide


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